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Q.) How do I sign up? When is my first payment due? Where do I mail my payment?
A.) All of these questions, and then some are clearly answered in the COBRA notice Ben-X sent you following your loss of coverage. In fact, there really shouldn’t be many questions that cannot be answered by reading the notice you were sent. Please take the time to carefully read it.
Simply sign and mail the election form you were sent in time and send payment as per the date guidelines provided you in the notice to: Ben-X, LLC. P.O. Box 2449, Omaha NE 68108-2449

Q.) Can I make a payment online, and access other account information?
A.) Yes. Not only can you make a payment online, you can view payment history, print a copy of a COBRA or other notice you were sent, view a timeline of events, etc. Click here for more information, and to gain access to your account.

Q.) What is COBRA?
A.) COBRA is a federal law that allows a qualified beneficiary who loses group health plan coverage to elect to continue their coverage for a limited time, on a self-pay basis.

Q.) When does a Qualifying Event occur?
A.) A qualifying event occurs when a triggering event (such as termination) causes a loss of coverage for a covered employee and their covered dependents.

Q.) How Long Does COBRA Coverage Last?
A.) The duration of basic COBRA coverage is generally 18 months for termination or a reduction in hours. COBRA coverage may extend to 36 months for other types of qualifying events. There are ways that COBRA coverage can be extended (such as notification of disability).

Q.) What Type of Coverage Must Be Offered Under COBRA?
A.) The coverage that is offered under COBRA must be identical to the coverage that the qualified beneficiary had before their qualifying event. Essentially, what the qualified beneficiary had under their group health plan, the qualified beneficiary will receive under COBRA.

Q.) How Much Can a Plan Charge For COBRA Continuation Coverage?
A.) COBRA continuation coverage is paid entirely by the qualified beneficiary, and then Ben-X charges 2% of the applicable premium.